How to Best Care for Your Magnesium Cream

Posted by Chelsea Bates on

Magnesium Cream is best stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. It's very important to use with clean hands, and use by the best by date on your jar. Wild Sage Magnesium Cream can last 3-4 months, however, when properly cared for many customers have it last much longer. 3-4 months is going to be optimal, though. 

Many people like to keep their jars in the fridge. While this may help keep it fresh, it is not necessary. Again, the biggest importance is using with clean hands. We do not and will not ever add preservatives or anything toxic to our products. This naturally leaves you with a product that will not last as long as things you find on the shelves of your local Target. And that is a good thing! Our Magnesium Cream is non toxic, organic and made with high quality ingredients. Every ingredient has a purpose for YOU and YOUR wellness. Nothing else. And that is just the way we like it! 

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