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What makes our Facial Serum special?

What makes our Facial Serum special?

In a world where you can buy facial serum from just about anywhere, why would you purchase one from Wild Sage?

Well, I have been using and healing my skin with this serum for about 4 years. The simplicity of this serum is great for anyone with sensitive skin. The simplicity also means that there are NO toxic, inorganic ingredients or additives that serve your skin no purpose. 

We use jojoba oil for many reasons. Jojoba matches the skins natural oil (sebum) so its not an "oily" oil. This also means that it is great for all skin types. It's moisturizing, but won't leave your skin overly oily feeling. Jojoba is also one of the lowest in PUFA which causes rapid aging and is overall not the best for our health. 

Our essential oils are organic and or wild harvested. Quality is not something we will ever spare at WSW. There are many benefits for the skin in the oils we have selected, both for clear and clean pores and youthful properties. There is a reason that Jesus was gifted frankincense and myrrh, they are both so powerful and I have seen amazing results using them daily in this serum. Tea tree oil is best for skin that is prone to breakouts, but it is also great for just keeping pores clean and clear, so I really love it. 

If you are sensitive to any essential oils, I would not recommend you use this serum or any facial products that include them. I really believe in this product and it's properties! You can read even more about our facial serum in the product details (we get into depth over there!). 

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