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Why Organic?

Why Organic?

Having all organic products is really expensive, honestly. But I would never have a less-than product or ingredient just because it's cheaper for my business to offer than. This is also why I won't use additives. They could make things cheap, but it will be at the expense of the quality and integrity of the product. 

That has never interested me. 

Quality is the most important thing to me here. I want to offer you all a high quality product that also works well. I will never offer anything less than that. 

That also means being organic. I only want to use ingredients that I deeply personally trust, that have not been sprayed with harmful products. My whole goal and reason for starting this business is to aid to your wellness and health. So you can rest assured that I will always select the best, most quality and organic ingredients available to me. I care so much about your health, wellness and overall well-being. My hope is that in using a Wild Sage Wellness product, that it would only make you FEEL BETTER! 

I cannot stress enough how deeply I care about the quality of every single ingredient that I personally hand select for every product. If you ever have questions on ingredients, feel free to reach out! I understand you, and I am for you. 

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