Muscle Rub Magnesium Cream

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the most luxurious magnesium cream

Our well-known, well-loved luxuriously whipped magnesium cream in muscle rub form! The same amazing ingredients and product that you love, with a new blend of essential oils for muscles. 

This is the perfect magnesium cream for anyone who enjoys a good workout!

Magnesium applied topically is great for:

-sore muscles 

-improved sleep


-stress relief, and much more.

It's great to apply to the legs, stomach and feet before bed (and especially after taking a detox bath).  

Ingredients: ancient magnesium oil, avocado oil, emulsifying wax, organic peppermint, copaiba essential oils, less than 1% organic rosemary and organic cedarwood essential oils as minimal preservative 

*Best stored in fridge, however, not necessary. Keep out of sunlight and apply with clean hands. Average shelf life is 3-4 months.