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Oat Straw Infusion

Oat Straw Infusion

Oat Straw is part of the oat plant, which is obvious by the name, and it offers a whole myriad of health benefits. Oat straw is best consumed as a herbal infusion, which is really easy to make and quite inexpensive in comparison to other products that offer some of the same benefits. Oat straw has a mildly sweet, pleasant flavor and is really easy to make. 

To make: 

Fill a jar full of oat straw (make sure it's organic and gluten free if you cannot tolerate gluten). Cover the jar with boiling, filtered water. Basically as if you are making tea. Allow it to steep all night. In the morning, you will drain it well and serve warm or cold. I prefer to have it warmed over the stove. You can even add a little cinnamon, though it's very delightful and warming on its own. 

Here are some of the many benefits:

calms the nervous system

mineral rich

adrenal support

helps stress


replenishing minerals

reduce inflammation

gentle diuretic

gut health support

high in bio-available magnesium

warming and grounding 

strengthens bones and teeth

moves lymphatic system

I love taking oat straw for all of these benefits but the magnesium is one of the biggest reasons why my family drinks this regularly. Bio available magnesium supplements can get expensive, so I love that this is a super affordable, delicious, and easy option that also has a ton of other health benefits. Oat straw is seriously one of my favorite herbs of all time! I hope you guys try and love this!

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