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Wild Sage Mission

Wild Sage Mission

Hey Wild Sage Fam! 

We are all about living a life of generosity and we want that to reflect in our business, as well. We have always had a passion for women's health, and it's the very reason this brand was started. We are passionate about women's hygiene, as part of that. It just breaks my heart to consider the women and young ladies who do not have access to proper, let alone safe, products for her monthly cycle. 

I am sure this makes a lot of your hearts ache, as well. 

Having access to feminine hygiene products should be a given. It should not be a privilege. The ladies who are given access to products, are given ones that are actually dangerous to their health. 

I am sure many of you know, but if you don't I want to take a second to share the dangers of conventional feminine hygiene products. They contain cancer-causing and fertility damaging chemicals like dyes, fragrances, pesticides, and more. They are just covered in awful things. 

We want to help where we can. 

We are committed to donating $1 of every single jar of cream sold to the purchasing of organic, safe feminine care products to donate to those young ladies and women who desperately need and deserve them (every lady deserves this!). 

We thank you all so so much for your support in this business, our brand, and working on this mission along side us! 

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